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Green Machine Landscapes and Construction know the Texas heat. And if you live in Texas, then you also already know, Texas gets really hot. And as we are out in the sun, our bodies tell us when we need water and how often we need it. Water is what keeps us hydrated in the heat and gives us life. Like ourselves, our lawns also need water to stay hydrated and to live. Think about all of the hours that our lawns endure the hot Texas heat. If our yards could speak they would be shouting at us for water every day. Knowing that we don’t have the time to stand out and water the lawn, making the decision to install a sprinkler system is your next best bet. Its also a good landscaping addition.

Installing a Sprinkler System

Once you have decided to perform a sprinkler system installation in your yard, there are a lot of things to consider and plan. Before you begin digging, here are a few steps to take to make your sprinkler system installation a success.

  • Walk around your property with a sketch pad and familiarize yourself with any potential problem areas in your yard, make sure you identify obstacles that may block a sprinklers watering path.
  • Call your utility company and have them come out to mark their water and gas lines. You definitely do not want to dig into one of those!
  • You will need to find out the capacity of your water system from the water company, your sprinkler system will be designed from that information.
  • Determine what your water source will be and locate it.
  • Plan to install pop-up rotor heads around the edges of your lawn first; this will establish all of your hard lines. Each sprinkler will shoot water at a distance of approximately 55ft. Identify any holes in your watering system that are left from installing around the edges, and install 360-degree heads to fill the voids.

Before you begin your sprinkler installation, keep these water saving tips in mind. 

1. Create the Correct Number of Zones

Having the correct number of zones in your yard will allow the sprinkler system to properly water your lawn. Sometimes, a company may suggest installing less zones that what your yard really needs in an attempt to conserve water. What happens is your system will have to run longer to cover extended areas, consuming more water and being less efficient.

2. Check the Sprinkler Paths
Each year before you begin watering it’s smart to walk around your property and check how your bushes and trees have grown. Make sure they are not blocking the spray of a sprinkler head, this will cause an entire area of your yard to be missed by that sprinkler. You want to keep this in mind when you change you landscape as well.
3. Get a Rain Sensor

If it’s raining your sprinkler system just doesn’t need to be on. Save your water bill during rainy times by installing a rain sensor that will turn off your system when it rains. A rain sensor is a simple add on for most systems and once it is installed by a professional, it’s simple to maintain. You simply adjust the settings when needed.

Installing a sprinkler system is a large undertaking, even for a small yard. Green Machine Landscapes and Construction has the experience you can count on. Call us for an estimate and free Sprinkler System Installation consultation.

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