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Local Landscaping Companies

local landscaping companiesIt never fails, the weather gets hot, people start spending time in their yards and all at once everyone wants a new landscape and begin looking for new local landscaping companies. We really do appreciate the work and we really do have a love for the finished beautiful landscaped property. As much as you love looking at a beautiful well landscaped yard, we love designing and installing a beautiful well landscaped yard. We however, would love it if you called us in the fall, when the sun is not blazing on our backs so we could properly prepare your soil for the spring. Good local landscaping companies commit themselves to their customers long before the customer realizes they need a landscaping company.

It’s true, many people think about landscaping in March and April but here in Texas the best time to improve your landscape and prepare your soil is in the cool fall. In Texas fall is like a second spring. Fall is the perfect mix of moderately warm days, cool nights and lots of good wet rain. And this is a perfect scenario for new sod, new greenery and a new and improved landscaping.

Yearly Landscaping

The beautiful fall season here in Texas helps plants get a second growth opportunity. The fall also helps plants recover from the stress of the hot summer. Fall gives our Texas landscapes a second opportunity to regain good health that strengthens and vitalizes our plants for the winter months. The temperatures do finally begin to slowly drop in December and at this time our plants will slip into dormancy but this particular dormancy is not complete dormancy. Our climate here in Texas is still warm enough during the winter months, that our plants will continue to produce energy. This energy is then sent to their root zones where it continues to help the plant continue to grow. Even winter is a productive time for plants in Texas, making it one of the best times of the year to plant a new landscape and improve your landscaping.

Remember, yes spring is naturally the time we all love to do our landscaping. But fall is the second best time bringing new life to your spring landscape. It keeps your property beautiful and decreases the amount of work that will need to be done in spring. Green Machine Landscapes & Construction is your number one choice when it comes to landscaping here in Killeen Texas and the surrounding areas. We work hard so you can enjoy your outdoor space.

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