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Laying Sod in Autumn

During the heat of summer, you may notice that the heat will burn bare patches in your lawn. The good news is, early fall is one of the best times of the year to lay sod.

What makes sod so popular is that it is mature grass that has been professionally cultivated and cut into easy to lay squares and it allows your lawn to look fantastic much faster than seeding would.

Here are a few tips when it comes to laying sod in the autumn months:

Step 1: Turn the soil.

Once you have determined whether you will do a patch job, or whole areas of the yard, you will first want to turn the soil about four inches or so. For smaller areas you can simply use a pitchfork, for larger areas, or areas covered in harder soil, you will want to utilize a rototiller to save time and effort.

Step 2: Prepare the soil.

Create an even surface for the sod using a regular garden rake. Once it’s even get the soil thoroughly wet. Wet, cool soil is best for your fresh sod. This would be the time to add fertilizer as well if your soil needs it.

Step 3: Lay Sod

It’s important to start laying your sod at a landmark such as a sidewalk or driveway. This will allow you to lay your sod in a straight pattern. Make sure to use a “brick” type of pattern. Have your sod delivered in pallets close to where you will be working, this will decrease the time you must carry each piece.

Step 4: Water

Your newly laid sod will need to be kept moist. Ideally, you will want the soil to stay moist four inches below the surface. This can be accomplished by several short watering times throughout the day. Fresh sod will typically become established in about three to four weeks at that point you can return to your regular watering schedule.

Autumn is one of the best times to lay your sod, it will become very well established over the months to come and be green and ready by summer.

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