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sod installationFor over ten years now, Green Machine Landscapes & Construction has been providing quality sod installation services. We love a beautiful lawn. We have always believed in beautifying your outdoor space with luscious green sod. For this reason we make sure to stock the two types of sod that flourish in the Texas climate. When it comes to sod installation you want the sod installed right the first time. There are several factors that will determine the quality of the job.

Sod Installation | Ground Preparation

When you desire a successful outcome with your sod installation project, you have to start with proper ground preparation. This means that large boulders and rocks are removed and proper top soil is installed. Top soil is an important component of sod installation. Top soil will allow the newly installed sod to properly take root.

Water, Lots of Water for Your New Sod

Heavy watering of the newly installed sod is of utmost importance. The sod needs to be saturated to the step. Here in Texas the heat can do some serious damage to newly installed sod, this is one of the main reasons for keeping the sod moist for the first 10 to 14 days. The moisture along with the top soil will together expedite the rooting process and ensure a green healthy lawn. After the new sod has been installed, then we can come back to properly maintain your new green lawn. Green Machine Landscapes & Construction can also help your lawn to stay nice and green with our fertilization services.


Installing sod is an Art and a Science.

The art is in how it is laid and how well the ground is prepared. The science is in the moisture and nutrients. We understand the process and will make your yard look great.

Call us today and allow us to turn your yard into a luscious outdoor space.

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