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Morguefile_pictures_014Often I’m asked, “Whats the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance?” And after some research I’ve concluded that the two terms are used interchangeably. We would think that lawn care is referring to caring for your lawn. Maybe your watering the lawn or irrigating your lawn and these actions although they are considered lawn care are also considered lawn maintenance. For the most part when we talk about lawn maintenance we are talking about the required activities that must be performed to have a good beautiful healthy lawn. And Green Machine Landscapes & Construction makes a good healthy lawn possible.

Lawn Maintenance Delivered With A Smile

If you’ve seen one landscaper guy then you have seen them all. And even though there are special techniques that make our jobs stand out, the little details that give us that little edge, go sometimes unnoticed to the untrained eye. Although we may look like other landscapers in our uniforms, we try to be different by our attitude. At  Green Machine Landscapes we really enjoy seeing the look on our customers’ face when the project is complete and they are head over heals in love with it. That alone is worth doing a good job, getting paid is just a byproduct.

Your Lawn Team Has Arrived

Just relax in the cool air conditioner and allow our trained professionals to handle all your lawn maintenance needs. From identifying the plant life on your property to choosing safe pesticide and or proper fertilization.  Green Machine Landscapes can assist you with grub control, weed killer and preventatives, and lawn clean up. When you have a lawn maintenance need, we have a solution.

Maintaining high visibility lawns may require special maintenance procedures:

  • Mowing regularly with a sharp blade at an even height
  • Not mowing when the lawn is wet
  • Removing no more than 30% of the plant tissue in any one cut
  • Alternating the direction of cut from the previous mowing
  • Scarifying/dethatching and sweeping/raking (to remove dead grass, leaves, and other debris, and to prevent tufting)
  • Rolling, to encourage tillering (branching of grass plants) and to firm the ground (for sports use only)
  • Top dressing with sand, soil or other material
  • Aeration with a spike aerator or plug/core aerator (to relieve compaction of the soil and allow greater absorption of nutrients)
  • Seeding to cover patchy areas and maintain thick turf   (Read More)


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