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Landscape Design is a well-organized sequence of activities. Green Machine Landscapes & Construction understands the landscape design process well. We begin by determining which way is north. That is always the first step in a properly laid out landscaping design. It’s important to identify which way is north, so you can determine in which direction the sun will rise and in which direction it will set. This will help you to understand where specific plant life, shrubbery, and flowers need to be placed. Once we determine the areas where the most shade will be needed we then identify what type of soil we are dealing with. This is just an example of some of the factors that need to be considered when providing landscape design. A good landscape design is much more than just a neat drawing. There are many factors that must be considered when planning a landscape design. Green Machine Landscapes & Construction can help you to identify what is best for your life style and budget.

Understand The Plants

I have had many people who were decent landscape and horticulture professionals in other parts of the country come to me in complete confusion when dealing with how plants and flowers react to the Texas heat. Understanding the heat, humidity, water volume and various soils in Texas is pertinent to providing a good landscape design. A well educated and experienced horticultural expert must be part of the landscaping team. Every member involved in creating the best solutions for your landscaping needs must be able to contribute to the overall success of Texas landscaping and therefore understand Texas climates, Arboriculture, Turf management and plant and tree selections. Green Machine Landscapes & Construction has compiled a team of true professional horticultural experts to serve you and provide you with the best, most sound advice concerning landscaping right here in Texas. You need landscape design, you call the guys who make it happen.

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