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Retaining Walls Installation

Stone_Retaining_WallGreen Machine Landscapes & Construction has the structural experience to properly install and repair any retaining wall system. Today we all understand that retaining walls are nothing more than an attractive solution to unstable and or sloped terrains. These retaining walls are used to hold back the earth or hill sides and help prevent soil erosion or landslides. Because retaining walls allow you to better utilize space, they create useful areas for spaces such as patios, decks, driveways, parking lots and more. Retaining walls provide solutions for residential and commercial customers. There are many many styles of retaining walls. In order to determine which would best fit your need and style a consultation is the first step in the process. At that time one of our trained professionals will meet with you to discuss your retaining walls needs.

Retaining Walls Experts

Like most industries, the experts can recognize obvious shortcuts and imperfections long before the novice is able to recognize the mistakes. When a retaining wall failure is obvious to a novice, it’s probably because the wall has completely collapsed. A total collapse however can be avoided by properly identifying the problem areas. One of the most common causes is is excessive deflection of the wall – tilting out of plumb – caused by a structural over stress and or foundation problems. Some structural deflection is to be expected and a rule-of-thumb is 1/16th inch for each foot of height, which is equivalent to one-half inch out-of-plumb for an eight foot high wall. More than that is suspect. It’s easy to check with a plumb bob. (Read More)


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