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5 Garden Tips for Texas Residents

garden tips

Texas gardening is certainly a big part of my life and sharing my experiences and tips is my passion. I love gardening and I think my passion for gardening is absorbed by the people in my life who sepnd time with me. I enjoy watching people succeed in their own gardens. To see the plants and flowers blossom and thrive has always been so rewarding. It feels good to participate in nature and care for God’s plants and flowers. These garden tips are for beginners who are looking to start gardening for the first time. My garden tips should be combined with your own experiences and knowledge of gardening.


Because you too love Texas gardening, here are a few garden tips to help you get started;

Choose a good location: When finding a place to start your Texas garden or any garden for that matter, take notice and try to avoid any nearby trees, bushes or any object that would compete with your garden for water and sunlight. You also want to make sure that the area you choose has a good drainage. This will keep your garden from flooding during rainy days.
Sun light: Most gardens especially vegetable gardens, requires 8-10 hours of full sun daily. The more exposure they have to the sun, the higher the crops yield.
Evaluate or test your soil: You can take a sample of your soil to your local Texas county extension office and get an analysis. You may have to treat your soil before you begin your garden. A common treatment for example in Texas is lime. Lime is often used when the soil is acidic. You can also go to your local hardware store and get a soil test kit. This will test your soil’s ph level and help you identify exactly what you need for a good garden.
Prepare your soil: Be sure to cultivate the soil well, getting rid of rocks, weeds, and roots. A garden tractor or cultivator should be used to break the dirt clods up and ventilate the ground. You want your soil to be loose and crumbly. This allows oxygen to easily travel to the roots.
Choose the best plants and or vegetables: Not all plants and or vegetables can thrive in the Texas climate. Make sure you do your homework on what will grow best in this Texas heat. By identifying what you will plant, you can identify where to plant and how far apart should your seeds be.
Green Machine appreciates your love for Texas gardening. We can answer any questions you may have that were not address by our blog. Please leave us a comment with your question and we will answer on this blog. You may also ask your questions on our Facebook page. Thank you

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